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Multi Foils - Overview

last modified 17.07.13


Dual Testing in Lab & On Site

Versatile Multi-Purpose Tile Adhesive for Fixing Wall and Floor Tiles

A range of innovative insulation products that are fully tested both under laboratory and real conditions of use, so their performance is guaranteed.

  • All the hybrid products are tested in a laboratory according to EN 16012
  • All the hybrid products are tested in real life according to ISO 9869g

The thermal performance of the hybrid products is verified in real life, which eliminates any doubt between predicted energy savings, based on laboratory measured product performance, and actual achieved energy savings.

ACTIS HYBRID products provide you with the confidence that the designed thermal expectations can be actually achieved.

  • In a laboratory, the products are measured under steady state conditions, taking into consideration in particular the temperature difference.
  • However once installed in a building, the products are subjected to all other climatic conditions including as wind, humidity or solar effects, which will have a major influence on the thermal behaviour of the products, and consequently energy savings.

By confirming that «in situ» laboratory test results, ACTIS hybrid solutions comply with the current Approved Documents Part L 1A and 1B and the anticipate the future changes to building regulations in the UK and Europe.

Dual Performance

How do the hybrid products achieve the same in situ & laboratory performance? Each product combines insulation, air tightness, moisture resistance and reflective properties.

ACTIS hybrid products are resistant to air infiltration, creating a barrier to thermal losses through convection.

  • The in house produced components are moisture resistant.
  • They take advantage of solar effects due to the very low emissivity of the external films

Whatever the climatic conditions, the thermal performance of the hybrid product range can be depended upon and is durable.

A Unique Pattern

Easy to recognise, each hybrid product has the same patterned external film with a very low emissivity, as low as 0.05.

  • Reflection of up to 95% of the solar thermal radiation outside the building, contributing to summer comfort.
  • No change to the film's low emissivity due to surface lacquering
  • The foils low emissivity is protected from the altering by a surface lacquering.

Use Separately Or As A System

All Hybrid products can be used separately or together to provide a total insulation system in roofs, walls and loft applications.

Together, they can achieve the best U-value requirements with a minimal thickness compared to standard solutions.

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