9 Sample pieces were cut from 1 sheet of 18mm Alloway Classic EN636-2 Class 3 & 3 samples from a plywood sheet given to us by a customer.

  • 940-84-18 Alloway Classic – From Stock.
  • Competitor Class 2 – Plywood given to us, by a customer.

Meyers Indicative Test procedure

  • Class 1, Samples will need to be submerged in a cold water (20oc +/-3) tank for 24 hours.
  • Class 2, Samples will need to be submerged for 6 hours in boiling water.
  • Class 3, samples will need to be submerged for 72 hours in boiling water.

EN636-2 Class 2 Indicative Test

We tested the 3 samples from a competitor’s board which was given to us by a customer. These samples were submerged in the boil tank for 6 hours at 99oc.

We placed the samples into the tank on the 30th June at 10:00am, 6 hours later at 15:00 PM the samples were removed. The Samples will be left to cool for at least 30 minutes before any inspection, there should be no change in shape, lay up, or show any signs of Glue failure, wood fibre failure or delamination. 

These samples have failed after 3 hours, glue failure has occurred and no bond between each veneer. This would not pass the EN636-2 Class 2 Indicative Test. 

The second test was samples from an Alloway Classic Plywood board; these were placed into the boil tank, to test the EN636-2 Class 3 claim. This time samples were submerged at 15:30pm on the 28th June 2022 into a tank at 99oc for a total time of 72 hours until 15:30pm 1st July 2022. 

Samples first inspected at 24 hours, the inspection process would be a brief look for signs of delamination, glue failure or any splitting. If after 24 hours there is no sign of any failure, then the test will proceed.

These samples showed no signs of any failure after 24 hours, theses samples were then placed back into the tank and will remain for a further 48 hours. 

After 72 hours samples were removed from the tank and inspected, there were no signs of glue or wood failure. The face veneer had split in places, but it has no affect on the panel and therefore these 9 samples have passed our EN636 -2 Class 3 indicative tests.  

We accept that we are not an authorised testing body and make no official record of the results from these indicative tests.  We have just tested the pre-treatments section of the EN314-1 test, once the pre-treatment section is passed the samples would then be placed into a tensile testing machine were the samples would endure a shear test. 

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